RFP_001_2017 - Internet Services Provision


Страна: Мозамбик
Язык: EN
Номер: 2577825
Дата публикации: 15-06-2017
Источник: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)
Тэги: software development services


RFP_001_2017 - Internet Services Provision
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : UNDP Country Office - MOZAMBIQUE
Deadline : 26-Jun-17
Posted on : 15-Jun-17
Development Area : SERVICES
Reference Number : 38514
Link to Atlas Project :
00078993 - Common services VSAT-ICT
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RFP Document
Overview :

Terms of Reference

Internet Service Provision (ISP) to UNDP Maputo, Mozambique



The present Terms of Reference aim to provide a framework for full TCP/IP Internet Service Provision for the UNDP Mozambique Country Office. The service should be provided based on fixed monthly fee. Bandwidth requirements or options are provided below. Connection should be cable type, preferably fiber-optic; wireless solutions may be considered. The service is expected to be highly stable and reliable. The successful provider must have 7x24x365 coverage for technical assistance and/or helpdesk facilities inclusive of comprehensive SLA.



UNDP Mozambique Country Office is located in Kenneth Kaunda Avenue, Number 931, Sommerschield, Maputo. It currently has an estimate of 70 end-users; connected through an inter-office LAN and Data Connectivity System. Internet connection is also used for VoIP communications and videoconferences.


Technical Requirements

  • Offeror to provide a clear and comprehensive breakdown including total cost of the following bandwidth options/requirement(s):



Bandwidth Specifications (UNDP Side: down/uplink)









  • Internet service should be based on fixed monthly fee payment plan with no additional payment or limitation by traffic amount and time.
  • Connection should be of cable type, preferably fiber-optic; wireless solutions may be considered
  • SNMP read access to edge router (gateway) for UNDP internal monitoring system.
  • Service reliability must be ensured. Overall uptime should not be less than 99%.
  • Dedicated channel; shared channel will not be accepted.
  • No limitations on traffic/ports; bandwidth capacity should be ensured through direct IP connection; no mandatory proxy servers and firewalls
  • Subnet of at least 6 static publicly routable IP addresses is required
  • Data confidentiality guarantee; provider may not scan traffic. If this is required for troubleshooting purposes a prior UNDP agreement must be obtained.
  • All necessary hardware, cabling and software (if required for Internet service) should be provided and set up by the offeror.
  • Latency from the UNDP Mozambique Country Office to New York (USA) shall be no more than 350ms.
  • Redundant, dedicated point to point links to the Internet
  • Worldwide reachability
  • Support Managed VPN Services
  • Policy on over subscription (sharing ratio 1:1 to guarantee bandwidth )
  • ISP must be able to manage the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to be installed in the UNDP Country Office
  • Tier 1 or Tier 2 connectivity to the Internet backbone
  • Terrestrial local loop connectivity (wireless will not be accepted).
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Service provider should offer a comprehensive traffic management, network monitoring and including access for UNDP to raw log files and network monitoring.
  • Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Fiber optic connectivity from the ISP to the Internet backbone


Additional Notes

  • The successful provider must have 7x24x365 coverage for technical support and/or helpdesk facilities.
  • Under the normal circumstances all problems should be resolved within maximum 4 hours after the notification from UNDP received. The provider is also responsible for contacting designated UNDP network specialist(s) for both scheduled and un-scheduled downtime.
  • Offerors are required to describe what alternate routing or fallback arrangements in place for continuity of service (if any), should their primary link(s) to the Internet backbone become non-operational. The offeror is to indicate what contracting arrangement they have with the primary Internet providers they work with.
  • The selected provider must provide a web interface facility for UNDP to retrieve real-time and historical information on network performance and usage analysis.
  • UNDP may wish to visit the vendor"s Network Operations Centre.
  • Contract duration: 1 year with possibility for 30-day graceful exit with a 30 days period of written notice, without penalties for UNDP.
  • The successful provider must have a physical presence, including availability of technical support, in the country.

Implementation Timeline

All installation works should be accomplished and connection launched within 15 days after the signing of the Contract.

Qualification Requirements

UNDP needs the following qualifications from the potential offeror:

  • Solid experience in provision of services in nature, scale and complexity commensurate with the present terms of reference, with already provided services possessing features required by these terms of reference; The company must have at least three similar contracts (similar by scope, nature and amount), preferably with international / intergovernmental organizations. Evidences of contracts are required; references from other clients are highly welcomed.

Qualified and experienced experts in system administration, working under the general supervision and guidance of the department and / or company manager and in cooperation and under the guidance of UNDP assigned focal point.